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Awesome people and organisations helping with spreading the word, making, and distributing face masks.
If you are an organisation that makes or can distribute masks, please let us know so we can build and publish a network to help connect mask makers with people who need masks most.
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About us

As creatives in South Africa we wanted to find a way to help “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world. Despite being isolated in our homes we wanted to use our skills as designers to help as best as possible and we came across the video at the top of the page. This video shows how wearing homemade masks in public places can make a difference to drastically reduce the spread of the Corona virus across the Czech Republic.

We would like to see it happen here in beautiful South Africa too. With large numbers of people living in close proximity to each other, wearing these masks not only protects you from me, but also protects me from you. Wearing washable fabric masks can reduce the spread of this dreaded virus and lower the rate of infection. Join the movement and help make fabric masks for people across our nation.

We have included resources above which you can watch, then download the patterns to get you going on your face mask making journey.