How to make your own mask
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Make the mask:
Cut two pieces of fabric 15cm x 25cm for adults and 12cmx20cm for kids
Place together and sew down the short sides.
Turn right way round and iron the seams flat.
Make the ties:
Cut 2 strips of fabric, fold in half and iron along the fold
Open them up and fold the two raw edges in towards the ironed edge and iron again
Align the centre of the ties with the centre of the mask.
Sew along the open edge of the ties attaching it to the mask
Fold the mask into pleats.
Sew the pleats in place 1cm for the edge of the mask
Download your face mask pattern hereDownload you kids face mask pattern hereDownload your contour face mask pattern here
How to use your face mask
Ensure there are no gaps between the mask and your mouth and nose
Never reverse the mask for reuse.
Always keep the same side against your face
Don’t touch the mask with your hands while it is on your face.
Remove without touching the inside of the mask
and wash your hands thoroughly afterward
Do not share your mask with anyone
Always wash your mask thoroughly after use
Download the How to use your face mask slideshow here
How to distribute your face masks
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Make them for your family and those you live with.
Make masks for your neighbours friends and loved ones
Place a box of face masks at your local police station, shop and petrol station
Hang them on street sign posts and trees for anyone to take
Find distributors in your area
How to care for your face mask
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Option 1:
Wash your mask thoroughly in soap and warm water. Dry in the sun for 5 hours
Option 2:
Place cloth in boiling water for 15mins
(adding salt to the water is recommended)
Option 3:
Wash and clean with soap and water.
Apply heat on the mask for up to 5 minutes using an iron.
Once your mask is clean and dry, store it in a clean plastic bag that can be easily sealed.
(for example: a ziploc bag)
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