catch 95-100% of wearers micro droplets

Even a homemade mask can catch between 95-100% of the wearers micro-droplets. Greatly reducing the chance of transmitting the disease.


By wearing a face mask we protect one another. I wear a face mask to protect you from myself and you protect me by wearing your face mask.

Our Manifesto

Make a mask and save a life
Today we are facing the greatest fight of our lives. This is not a drill. We are being invaded by a killer and a murderer. We are hiding and shaking in our homes, too afraid and timid to fight back. But this is the time to fight, this is the time to standup and fight for one another, to fight for your neighbour, to fight for your sons and your daughters.

This is our Dunkirk; we are surrounded with nowhere to go. This war will not be won only by mass government efforts. This war will not be won only by the brave doctors, nurses and healthcare workers fighting on the front lines. But this war can and will be won by each and every one of us. Just as in Dunkirk where absolute defeat was averted, not by the great battleships and destroyers, or by a great army. Absolute defeat was averted by thousands of small boats each doing their part. And so, it will be in our great battle.

This is only the first battle in a war that could last years. Our governments and health systems are not yet strong enough to defeat this plague alone. They need more time. More time to stock up, more time to prepare, more time to fight. We can give them this time. We can give them the time needed to stand strong, to stand tall, to stand resolute, to defeat this enemy.

How can we give them this time? How can we, cowering in our homes, do anything to fight this invader?

This is how. Sit down at your sewing machines and sew face masks. Sew face masks as though your life depends on it. Sew face masks for your parents, your children, your family. And then sit back down and sew face masks for your neighbours, for your friends, your loved ones. And then sew more and take them to your police stations, to your shops, to your petrol stations, to your hospitals, and to your local clinics. Hang them on street corners and tree branches. Sew face masks until you have no more thread, no more fabric, no more energy. Then wake up tomorrow and make them from old T-shirts, old bed sheets and dish towels.

This is not the time to shake and hide in a corner this is not the time to run from a challenge. This is the time to stand up and defend this great and beautiful nation we call home. We are the small boats that can snatch victory from the clutches of defeat. We are the makers, the quilters, the sewers, the moms, the dads, the gogos and oupas that stand together at our sewing machines and together can defeat this enemy and free our land.

Make a face mask today. Save a life.

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